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Battlegrounds Event - 12/10/2014

Whiskey Company went back to Battlegrounds this weekend to play some hefty competition. Check out the latest videos!!
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New material posted daily on airsoft battles, new guns, and reviews!! Click the links at the top right!
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Battlegrounds Airsoft

Whiskey Company likes to call Battlegrounds Airsoft in Birmingham, Alabama our home for Airsoft. Please check out their website for more details.
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New pictures are up!!

Whiskey Company always take snapshots from our Go-Pro's after every game. Check out the latest shots!!
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Bringing the fight to you
April 23, 2015 Posted by WC in WC Post

REVIEW // FMA Aramid Fiber Helmet (ENGLISH)

  Just a fancy product or worth to buy one? The FMA Aramid Fiber Helmet is the replica version of the opscore FAST Ballistic Helmet. Airsoft players around the globe specially the more MilSim oriented guys use it a lot because of its autentic look.…

April 23, 2015 Posted by WC in WC Post

MadBull PWS 15-Inch KeyMod Handguard | Popular Airsoft

Most weapons and weapon accessories manufacturers are joining the KeyMod bandwagon and rightfully so as this is probably one of the biggest modern innovations when it comes to rail systems. By having a KeyMod handguard, manufacturers are able to keep the weight down and make a more ergonomic and ...

April 12, 2015 Posted by WC in WC Post

VOA ATC & JSF Training at RTSP | Popular Airsoft

It's good to watch another video from VOA Milsim, with Primer doing the creative stuff as they go on a joint training with JSF... "What an awesome day. A lot of us haven't trained / played together in a long time so it was essential that we got out and put 8 hours of training in." ...

April 12, 2015 Posted by WC in WC Post

SRU Announces New Prototype Division | Popular Airsoft

An announcement from Strike Recon Union (SRU) on Facebook that will surely make us curious about the Prototype Division. Our initial understanding that they will have more rapid prototyping, perhaps with more use of 3D printing technology to create prototypes rapidly then move to production ...

April 11, 2015 Posted by WC in WC Post

Gear Sector // New Offset QD Sling Rail Mount

Gear Sector releases a new MOD3 QD Offset Rail Mount for slings made out of T6 Aluminum.